Tougui : “I’m a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and Paper Toy Maker”

Conoce a este gran artista urbano Francés en #seispreguntas



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Diseño, ilustración y Toy Maker, son parte de la obra este gran artista Francés que respondió las #seispreguntas de

When and where you were born

I’m born in July, 1986 near Paris – France.

You first encounter with art that made sense for you

Good question! Maybe a bunch of many stuff seen in the street like stickers, stencil, graffiti…
I was and I’m still really influenced by street art.


What is Tougui?

Tougui is my nickname, I’m a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and Papertoy Maker.

What is not Tougui?

A lazy boy!

Which technique do you use in your art

Pencil, Illustrator, scissors and glue!

What are you doing now and what is coming on 2016

Many stuff! Lot of Papertoy’s projects of course : ) Few exhibitions with my illustrations, a new sticker project with my buddy Ekiem called “Le Sticker Pack”.
And I think to start to study sculpture this summer to try to make my own toy!tougui_pic_3Conoce en detalle la obra de Tougui, aquí.