Sean Norvet : “I like to render out certain parts and get little intricate details”

Conoce a este reconocido artista urbano estadounidense en #seispreguntas



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Fotorrealismo mezclado con dibujos lisérgicos, un toque en broma que busca sacar una sonrisa en el espectador, son parte del trabajo de este talentoso artista que respondió las #seispreguntas de

When and where you were born
Born and raised in Los Angeles in 1987.

You first encounter with art that made sense for you
I stumbled upon my dad’s ‘Zap’ comics and his book on psychedelic artist ‘Rick Griffin’ when I was really young. I was hooked and started re-drawing pages. Another moment was definitely when I first watched the cartoon  “Ren & Stimpy” as a child.

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What is Sean Norvet
Part paint, part sandwich, part myth.

What is not Sean Norvet

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Which technique do you use in your art
I like to render out certain parts and get little intricate details. I also like to balance that with simple, two-dimensional line work and shapes.

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What are you doing now and what is coming on 2016
Just wrapped up some new work for a two-person exhibition at CG2 Gallery in Nashville. Opens March 5th. I have some other opportunities in the future that will hopefully follow through.

Conoce en detalle la obra de Sean Norvet, aquí.