Reych en Alemania

El gran pintor chileno dejando sus huellas en el pueblo de Dinslaken



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“Weltbaustellen NRW”  is an international Urban-Art-Campaign in Germany powered by “The Eine-Welt-Netzwerk (One-world-Network)”  wich take place in 17 citys in the west of Germany, Europe.

In every City there are big Murals which were painted by local an international Artist oft he global south.
In Dinslaken at the famous „Hexenhaus“ the artists are the „Urban Art – Collectiv (Tim Blankenstein and Julian Schimanski) and a artist from Santiago de Chile – Marcos „Reych“ Saavedra.

captura-de-pantalla-2016-10-13-a-las-1-30-57-p-m captura-de-pantalla-2016-10-13-a-las-1-31-34-p-m

The motive visualize the main-Task oft he urban-art-campaign: The 17 SDG`s (Sustainable Development Goals to save the world)

We are really happy to win Marcos fort hat campaign. We love his great work and we´re glad that the colouful artwork in the heart oft our city will take place fort he next 5 years.