Muretz: “Art is my favorite way of expression”

Conoce a este gran artista urbano desde Brasil en #seispreguntas



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Conoce a este gran artista urbano desde Brasil en #seispreguntas

When and where you were born

I was born in São Paulo in the end of the 70’s.


You first encounter with art that made sense for you 

Geez, I don’t know what the first encounter was. I began drawing very early because of my dad, who used to teach me how to draw bugs and other easy things. I think I wasn’t even 7 when I started doing caricatures of my friends and teachers in primary school. After that I really got into Tintin and started doing my own comic books at the age of 10. Some of my characters were really weird, like this serial killer kid (this really got my parents worried at the time).

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What is Muretz

To be precise, Muretz is the surname of my great grand mother and I started using it many years ago as my signature. I am an artist from Sao Paulo and I have been doing graffiti for a couple years now. I’ve noticed the people’s reactions to my street art and got addicted to it. Art is my favorite way of expression and I’ve found in graffiti an effective way of doing so.

What is not Muretz

Well certainly not a vain artist who wil spend ages painting detailed artwork just for decorative purposes. I find art like that just meaningless, and pointless really. So I don’t go for that path. I try hard to convey something meaningful with my images, communicating an idea, making people think, reflect, smile. Art has to be provocative and even more so street art.

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Which technique do you use in your art

My technique is very simple. I use waterbased paint marker pens for most of what I draw everyday. If I am painting canvas, I will use mainly 1 brush for all the work, and 1 or 2 colours usually acrylic. In my graffiti work I do freehand spray painting. I use low pressure spray, always with the default cap. No big deal. It’s quick, fun, unpretentious and it works fine for what I want to do.

What are you doing now and what is coming on 2016 

I am drawing my first graphic novel. A book with no words, just images, one frame per page. It’s been endless work. I am also preparing work for a show by the end of the year, and in the meanwhile I am always doing some comissioned graffiti, and also lots of graffiti that nobody asked for.


Conoce en detalle la obra de Muretz, aquí.