Kyleplatts: “I enjoy the idea of one image telling many individual stories”

Conoce a este reconocido artista urbano inglés en seis preguntas



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Diseño, ilustraciones y caricaturas para el prestigioso diario inglés, THE GUARDIAN, son sólo parte de la obra de este talentoso diseñador que respondió las seis preguntas de

When and where you were born

I was born at Jessops hospital in Sheffield in 1987 on the 29th of August. I think my birthday is when artificial intelligence goes conscious in the film Terminator, and everything goes to shit after that point.


You first encounter with art that made sense for you

The first piece of art that I was aware of was a painting by L.S. Lowry. My grandparents had a print of his in their hallway. It was a busy city scape in industrial Manchester, it was pretty dull in colour but had loads of little characters in it. Since then I’ve sort of emulated that painting with drawings of crown scenes. I enjoy the idea of one image telling many individual stories. I was also into this TV show Art Attack, that was cool.

Vibe Consultant 3_Kyle Platts

What is Kyleplatts

I am a tall man that makes art for a living. I love drinking beer with my friends and skating and just doing whatever I want all the time.


What is not Kyleplatts

I don’t like living in the same place for too long, I don’t like restaurants that put cheap tomato sauce in Heinz tomato sauce bottles, but other than that I’m pretty tolerant and everything is cool.

Rapunzel_Kyle Platts

Which technique do you use in your art

I use Faber-Castell drawing pens then I colour using Photoshop. For one-off pieces or murals I use Posca pens and oil based house paints. I would love to do a fire extinguisher painting one day though, maybe as a mural in a hospital. Fill up a fire extinguisher with ink and blast it.


What are you doing now and what is coming on 2016

At this moment I am working on my next comic for The Guardian. I do a monthly comic in their arts and culture guide about a consultant that screws over all his idiot clients. Next I’m working on some animated projects, I can’t say much about them right now but I’m working with a sick animator named Andy Baker.



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