Erik Ferguson : “I’m very curious and love experimenting with new techniques”

Conoce a este gran animador 3D noruego en #seispreguntas



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Diseño 3D e innovación del arte son parte de la gran propuesta de este increíble artista noruego, que respondió las #seispreguntas de


When and where you were born

I was born in 1979 in Bergen, Norway, Norwegian mother and Scottish father! 

Your first encounter with art that made sense for you 

Growing up I was constantly exposed to my dad’s interest in photography, music, film and art in general. Our house was full of posters, LP’s VHS-movies and prints of my dad’s photos. Pinpointing an exact art-experience that made sense to me is hard, but I guess my dad’s Vinyl records with all the crazy album-art was a strong first inspiration! 


What is Erik Ferguson

I am a VFX-artist and freelance director who likes to delve in that magic place
between art, science, entertainment and horror! I love creating fast, and being able to
go from idea to finished product quickly, keeping the flow intiutive, not losing my momentum.
I have a clear idea inside my head about what it is I want to make and what appeals to me. I’m very curious and love experimenting with new techniques and expressions. I try my best to transfer directly from my brain to the finished product without thinking too much about technical limitations, but obviously this can sometimes be hard. Working commercially as a VFX-asrtist and compositor.
I can not have this approach in the same way, since technical limitations is very closely connected to budgets and a more thorough planning is required.


What is not Erik Ferguson  

I am not rigid! I have a hard time working under rigid  regimes where there is little room for trial and error! I really do prefer having a free form combined with lots of communication and feedback. 

Which technique do you use in your art

I mainly work with computer graphics, commonly known as CG. Within this field I focus mostly on 3D and use software that enable me to create advanced simulations and systems. Most often I use 3D-sculpting to create my models and textures and then bring it into an animation and vfx package that allow me to manipulate these models, make them move and interact with whatever it is I want them to interact with.
The world of 3D-graphics is very exiting as it has an almost endless amount of possibilities! 




What are you doing now and what is coming on 2016 

Currently I’m doing some commercial projects to pay the bills, and have some very interesting things lined up the coming year! I Have a character that I designed a while ago that I’m hoping to bring to life in the form of a short film. Looking into crowdfunding for this as I love the concept but have very little hands-on experience using it.
Other than that I want to continue exploring and having fun!!



Conoce en detalle la obra de Erik Ferguson, aquí.