Bryce : “I first started making a living doing art when I was in high school”

Conoce a este gran artista urbano desde U.S.A en #seispreguntas



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Arte clásico pero nuevo, mucha pintura y hasta director de montaje, son parte de la obra este gran artista estadounidense que respondió las #seispreguntas de


When and where you were born

I was born in Hollywood Florida in 1979. After living up and down the east coast I currently reside in Brooklyn NewYork.

BryceWymer 2

You first encounter with art that made sense for you

I think art always made sense to me. As long as I can remember it was always a huge part of my life.  I first started making a living doing art when I was in high school. I would do murals and faux finishes around town and design Punk and Hardcore albums/flyers in the evenings.


What is Bryce

I Am a multimedia  artist whose personal works address human social progression and the driving relation between the powerful and the powerless.  Im also a bass player in multiple musical projects


What is not Bryce

Bryce is not someone who gives up. Bryce is not someone that follows easily.


Which technique do you use in your art

I’ve found that over the years I have really simplified my work. Years ago  I used to paint highly rendered forms in oils. I was trained traditionally. But over time realized that stripping things down to their bare essentials is what has the most impact for me. Sometimes you just got to get rid of all the guitar solos trim the fat and keep it lean.


What are you doing now and what is coming on 2016

I currently have a couple group shows in the works around the states.  I also have a collection of my original works opening at a gallery in Korea (Myallee) in a couple weeks.


Conoce en detalle la obra de Bryce, aquí