Blake Kathryn : Pastels, rose gold, optimistic n’ playful.

Conoce a esta gran ilustradora 3D estadounidense en #seispreguntas



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Diseño 3D futurista es la gran propuesta de esta increíble artista estadounidense, que respondió las #seispreguntas de


Where and where were you born?

 I’m proud to be born within America’s weirdest state Florida, made in the 80’s and born in the 90’s.

 You first encounter with art that made sense for you.

 It wasn’t until college I sorted through earlier experiences and their influence on me. Florida had an interesting mix of kitschy tourist art and prestigious established scenes such as Art Basel and the Dali Museum. It naturally makes for a creative childhood, but those efforts weren’t focused or appreciated til later on. I’d say the most surreal and immersive event I experienced within art was a trip to Art Basel back in 2011.


 What is Blake Kathryn?

 Pastels, rose gold, optimistic n’ playful.


 What is not Blake Kathryn?

Inaccessible, moody n’ broody.


 What technique do you use in your art?

 Today my process is largely the same as it has always been, regardless of medium: starting with a moodboard, sketching and writing until an idea spurs, then diving in digitally.


 What are you doing now and what is coming in 2016?

Lately I’ve been working on a lot of illustrations in the realm of social media and content creation which has been an incredibly exciting shift in projects. I also work with a few musicians who always have a dreamy scheme in mind, it’s a fun challenge to help brand their creations into a tangible, visual form. As for things to come, there’s a few projects coming out of the pipeline in the next few months that are more animation focused, can’t wait to share!


Conoce en detalle la obra de Blake Kathryn, aquí.